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About Me.

About Me.


I have over 10 years of building successful products in online education, higher-ed, large-scale B2C children's gaming platforms (with over 2 million users) virtual events, and conferences, not to mention a creative career in the music industry working wi,th massive commercial projects and Grammy Award-winning artists.


When I was in university I joined a band. The leader had a ton of software, synthesizers, and recording equipment.

He handed me all the manuals and said:


"Read these. If you are willing to learn you're in"

So I did.  He went on to become a product clinician for Cubase a leading music production platform.  He became a "Guru" in the world of music technology.



After a few years of learning from him, he got promoted to national sales director and asked if I would like to be the new “him”

And I did. I became a deep expert.  I was able to clinics with beginners to industry veterans.



He broke away and started his own audio skills tutorial platform called ASKvideo, and tapped me to join him.

So our vision was to make the best audio tutorial content in the world. It would be the clearest, the most fun, the slickest best sounding, and the most complete available anywhere.


We created an e-commerce website that could sell physical products, downloads, and eventually subscriptions.

We partnered with industry-leading audio platforms to create distribution channels, and quickly took a leading position in the audio tutorial market.

I created over 14+ courses on the site and built the feature and content roadmap to create the perfect learning experience for our users and corporate stakeholders.

After growing to hundreds of titles, and over 10 employees, It was eventually sold to a competitor and still enjoys success as one of the largest online skill libraries for creatives.



More recently I pivoted to the virtual events space as a Product Manager, at Matchbox virtual media which specializes in high-engagement large-scale virtual events, mostly to the association space.  My role was not only to develop the platform but to help them expand into the enterprise B2B market, develop new use cases CMO to create new business channels, execute a community-led marketing strategy, and build all the necessary websites, landing pages, API's and other resources to make that happen.  I led this initiative right from discovery and validation all the way to execution.

I founded (and hosted) CS4Rev, a virtual mini-conference attended by leading B2B SaaS executives which has a focus on customer-led value, driving NRR, and helping companies cross-functionally align around the customer’s success.

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