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The Product


"U-Produce" - an instructional content series for Groove 3


My Role


Worked with Groove3 on a freelance basis to develop a new product type and brand hierarchy.



Groove3 had tons of "explainer" videos but were in desperate need of new forms of content.


They also had some content related to accomplishing a certain EDM style generally.


I came up with a new tutorial concept that could take a very specific producer, i.e Diplo, Skrillex, or Marshmello, and completely reverse engineer a sound-alike track.


Users continually expressed the want to be able to produce music like their heroes, and that's what U-Produce did.


I produced 3 titles, but Groove3 has continued to build on the concept with other styles and producers.


To launch it, we created a remix contest, made the stems available, and let users create their own version, and let users vote on the winner.



Users like products that help them to an outcome.


Learning the software is one thing, but achieving a world-class sounding outcome is another.

Content is King - On streaming websites, superior content drives traffic.

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